‘Co-Create’ a product with me in 2011?

A few days ago at the very bottom of a somewhat long note about 3 ways to work together one-on-one with me in 2011, I mentioned I’m putting together a BETA program to co-create information products with a handful of people.

The response to that option has been quite lively!

In case you missed it – I wanted to highlight here on the blog before I send out details and open up the program this week.

Co-create your Information product with me

I think it’s probably safe to say that I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of info marketing. Everything from $17 ebooks to Audio, Video, Teleseminars, Home Study Courses, CDroms, Resell Rights, Licensing, Software, Live Events, Coaching programs, etc.

And with my some increased availability I’m looking for no more than 10 people (maybe less) to actually co-create, and possibly even co-author, information products with me depending on the subject matter.

Who could this be for?

  • Subject matter experts, trainers, consultants or coaches.
  • Authors looking to escape the “book store” trap.
  • Information marketers or content publishers who want a breakthrough in the size, scope and impact of their business.
  • Business owners who are achieving exceptional results in their industry, marketplace or business and would like to sell or license their methods, systems, techniques to others.
  • Someone extremely serious (with the resources) to get their idea out there with my help.

I have to warn you – this will not be a cheap program but a lopsided amount of your investment will be via a profit-share side – so that I’m working with you to make it a winner.

I’ll be there guiding you through each major aspect from product creation, operations, launch and profit maximization. (Note: I will not be doing it all for you, but I will be there at your side for every critical aspect. Plus, there are built-in aspects of connections, relationships, introductions and the possibility of promotions direct from me to get you started with a bang!)

How to get details:

If you are interested in details – please send a blank email to: and then confirm you want details.

I’ll be most likely releasing particulars this week and opening the door for applications.

5 thoughts on “‘Co-Create’ a product with me in 2011?”

  1. Great idea !But I am afraid new starter like me may not be able to foot the cost.In any case i will consider it a great privilege to work WITH Yanik Silver

  2. Hi Yanik,
    My name is Yohanes from Indonesia, a nice country with lots of beautiful islands including the famous Bali. I’m working as a manager in a Engineering company. I’m starting my internet business but not yet bringing any result.

    I’m interested in your offer to co-create something with you.

    Well, maybe I can have that great opportunity. As you probably have known, our country is the fourth largest in the world and as far as I know we have the most facebook users in Asia.

    I have a blog (actually still under construction) that promotes learning English in a fun and easy way. I have an idea of selling an information product of English learning in the form of presentation. You know, presentation is one of the easiest and simplest way to transfer knowledge to people. We, Indonesian people, mostly cannot speak English well and correctly. I think there is a big chance to sell educational material especially in English learning.

    So, I’m waiting for your kind help to build my dreams. Success for the both of us!

    Best Regards,


  3. Looks like it might be a great opportunity. Devil in the details, ha!
    Either way, sometimes having the right push or nudge from the right people can make all the difference!

  4. I have read a lot on creating product on line or even selling other peoples product bit i have never practice it, i have even been struggling with my blog site,it will be a great pleasure working with you to get some $ for all the money invested these while.

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