The Big 9-25 Launch…(not what you think)

Today’s launch had it all…




People eagerly awaiting their chance to buy a copy…

Obviously I’m talking about…

…(it’s coming)

…(wait for it)

…(you’ll be surprised)


I mean really – who the hell are these guys at Microsoft are to try and compete with my launch of “Yanik’s Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-Box”? They probably beat my numbers today by like a gazillion dollars! Hmph…

Frankly, one of the best launches and build-ups had to be HALO 3…the final installment of the ultra popular Xbox game. You can read about a little of the chaos and what the scene looked like outside NY’s Best Buy before midnight last night here.

As my good friend, Jeff Walker says, “You have to make your launch an event.” These guys did that in spades.

What’s more, I loved (from a marketing stand-point) how this new HALO 3 drove sales for the Xbox 360 console. You *had* to have the new game console to be able to play this new game – essentially forcing the hardware sale. I wasn’t sure I was going to get a 360 but with HALO 3 coming out – I had to.

So now that my family has left – I can spend a little time with Master Chief. I just got a new plasma TV and entire home theater system so I’m excited to blast away the Coventry Covenant in surround sound!

Oh – one more thing. It’s my birthday for another 1 hour 54 minutes so I’m going to give away one more course. Here’s the deal – if you’ve seen my little preview video here for my “brain-in-a-box” course. In the first scene I’m drinking a glass of Pinot. First blog reader who leaves a comment and IDs the wine correctly gets the course that course I used for the video. It’s not quite brand-new and there’s a few bonuses missing since I didn’t have them in my hands at the time….but all the guts are there.

 * Update #1: we have a winner

 * Update #2: Some of you asked how I spent my birthday on this launch day – here I am in a closed-door meeting with my advisor checking the numbers:

 zak-looking over the numbers

20 thoughts on “The Big 9-25 Launch…(not what you think)”

  1. Bro I missed the last contest. I am working my fingers to the bone trying to Google and search this. I can’t miss it again!

  2. Winner…winner…chicken dinner
    I guess I could be a real stickler and ask for which vineyard or vintage – but that might be too tough 😉
    Brett Simpson – you got it! We’ll contact you to get the address. Congrats!
    (btw – it’s a 2001 East Block Pinot. Nice stuff!)

    I just walked in the door – the goalie on my hockey team called me at 10:10 pm and said, “Where the hell are you?” Seems we had a game tonight. We trounced the team something like 11-2. (I only put in 1). Championship game tomorrow for the Summer league…I’m sure it’ll be televised on ESPN8 (the ocho!)

  3. I can’t believe I blew all of these chances. I think I’m going to throw up, Yanik! If you broke the payments up into $50 a month I would cancel my gym membership to buy it! Call me 269-341-0370. Thanks.

  4. OOPS…..I should have read more of the blog before answering. Looks like the Pinot question was correctly answered before I posted. Sorry.

    I did purchase your “B IN A B” today and am looking forward to putting it into action.

    Have a great birthday.


  5. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to Yanik… Happy Birthday to you… Best wishes, hope is not to late. Cheers.

    I haven’t try drinking the Pinot before but I can smell it from now in a few months time.

    The last time I didn’t mention that I have a website under construction cuz I do not want to reveal it yet. What the heck! The website will be called which will be ready in two months time. It will be targetting at Piano enthusiasm, Piano Manufacturers, Piano Teachers etc. I have a vision that i-PianoConnection will be big as it contain Forum, Blog, Video, Classifieds, Newsletter, Store, Interactive Piano Player etc.

    I hope you can consider me for the bonus.

    Nicholas Zhang

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Yanik! I know I’m about an hour late, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun on your birthday! If nothing else… I’m sure you made a nice chunk of change today :)

    Looking forward to your trip coming up at the end of January. I’m going to try and make it… never been baja racing!

  7. Ok this is getting scarry!
    My oldest son is named Zack…
    and we have that exact same chair…

    and I was reading the last Underground
    Newsletter… sitting that chair… and reading the bit
    about the wiggles..and guess what the kids were
    watching…yep the Wiggles…

    hmmm…. maybe I am living the internet lifestyle…

    in fact in September we spent 10 days in Hawaii
    and 9 days in LA (Disneyland – Stayed at the Laguna Nigue Ritz)

    So I only worked about 30 hours all month.

    Still made 5 figures.. Killer!!

    I have been listening to the Cds all week
    of the info products workshop…

    Fantastic!! Lighting a fire under me.

    Already have thought of 3-4 easy to
    do products.

    I just produced a killer 3 DVD Real Estate
    package. Looking for partners.

  8. Not to be a snob, but if you want business from the “xbox gaming” crowd, of which there are millions, you might want to fix “Coventry” to “Covenant”, since Halo 3 fans are RABID fans and will laugh. Coventry, I believe, is a place in England.
    And trust me, I have seen them unmercifully make fun of those who do not have the facts correct. A writer on MSN incorrectly labelled them “terrorists” when the concept of terrorism does not even exist in the game and went so far as to say he had no business writing for MSN. Just thought you’d like to know.

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