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 If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut or simply not hitting your goals fast enough here are 5 unusual and slightly unorthodox things I do to motivate myself.

Unusual Motivator #1 – Go Public

I like the pressure the happens when you tell people, who’s opinion you care about, what you want to get done. For instance, maybe your sister’s opinion of you really matters to you. You’d feel incredibly stupid if you told her something and then you let her down. Perfect. That’s exactly who you want to share your next idea with and make them hold you to the completion. But don’t tell someone who is a negative person – they’ll only try to talk you out of anything you’ve got planned or rain on your parade.

I like to do this in a big way.

You’ve already seen this in action if you’ve read the blog at all. You know I made a very public promise on here that by January 2008 I’d have my first Maverick Business Adventures™ experience. I put it out in a very public way and I’d feel silly if I didn’t move forward with the project. I have tens of thousands of readers who would, in some way, hold me to it. [Side note: You may or may not want to reveal everything publicly if you feel like someone will steal your idea.]

Unusual Motivator #2 – Make a bet – Or even better make an embarrassing bet

Every notice how you’ll do more to win a silly bet than you would in other situations? You bet! 😉

Why not make a silly and possibly embarrassing bet (back to #1) with a friend of yours for something you want to get done. Maybe it’s taking off 10 lbs. Both of you agree that you’ll lose 10 lbs within 6 weeks or the person who doesn’t needs to strut around town in the lime-green, thong bathing suit Borat wore (pics below). Get creative and make sure you really don’t want to be the loser of the bet.

Unusual Motivator #3 – Create a Big Enough Reason Why

If you have a big enough reason to get something done there’s almost no way you can fail. It’s the people with the biggest reasons (or the most reasons) who seem to pull through anytime the deck is stacked against them. My friend, Frank McKinney, recently completed the grueling Badwater Ultra Marathon. It’s a 135-mile run in Death Valley where the temperature frequently tops 100 degrees. Frank does it to raise funds for his Caring House Foundation Project and that’s his ‘why’.
For my family and other immigrant families the biggest reason why was simply because there wasn’t really another alternative. My Father came over from Russia with $256 in his pocket for me, my Mom and her Mom. He barely spoke English but he still managed to build a nice 7-figure business. What’s your reason why and it’s got to be bigger than simply “I want to be rich”?

Unusual Motivator #4 – Make a must-hit deadline

I like this one a lot. The rule is the more unbreakable the deadline – the greater the chance you’ll get your task done. Ever notice how the day before you leave for your vacation you miraculously get everything completed? That’s right – you’ve got a deadline (and a reason why). I’ve seen this work time and time again. Set your deadline. Sometimes it takes a big leap of faith but events, people, situations conspire will conspire to make sure you get your deadline met once you really make it a permanent deadline.

Quick example is when I sold my very first information product to doctors. I ran an ad and got 10 leads and 1 doc bought on the deadline from the sales letter (lesson in itself about deadlines for customers). So after peeling myself off the ceiling from being so excited someone actually bought – I realized I had no product ready. I wrote the doctor back and told him we would not charge his card since we were “republishing” the material and it would be ready in 30 days. Boom! A deadline! You can bet I worked my butt off til 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning many of those 30 days after my regular job to get this manual out there and done.

Another example, the first year I held my Underground™ Online Seminar – I really had no idea how it would be do. I didn’t know it would sell out weeks in advance – but I did set a deadline. An event is the most solid deadline you could put out there. I stood to lose $100k+ if it didn’t work and I knew the date it had to get filled by. A lot of people don’t want to set deadlines because they simply want everything to be perfect before a product/event/service is ready. News flash: That will never happen! Deadlines are like magic productivity pills. Anytime a project of mine is not progressing – it means I don’t have a real deadline in place with real penalties. 

Unusual Motivator #5 – Document it and profit from it

Here’s one you might not hear anywhere else. One of my favorite motivators for getting off my butt is knowing I can document a certain process and others might be interested in it. That can take many different forms – anything from you having to have blogging material to actually turning what you do into some sort of information marketing product for sale. 

A few years back when Missy & I moved to Manhattan Beach, CA for the Summer – one of my motivators (aside from the weather, playing beach volleyball, etc) was to document running an online business from a remote location. I turned that into a little bonus report that I previously used as a bonus for one of our products.

Alright there you go – 5 unusual ways to motivate yourself to get moving on any project, idea or business you’ve got cooking. Do you have any other ways you motivate yourself – leave a comment for everyone to benefit from. Or let me know if you use any of these 5 ways and your results.

One quick fun thing…

Since Halloween just passed, I’m sure you guys were having sleepless nights wondering what I dressed up as for my favorite holiday. Okay maybe not. In our new neighborhood there’s a huge Halloween party across the street from us. Steve and Deb go all out. There’s about 150 people there and they hire caterers, bartenders even a tarot card reader (we’ll come back to her in a moment). The party was killer! I came as Borat and stayed in character the whole night – much to the dismay of Missy.

She’d cringe every time she heard “Veeery Niiiiice” or “Higha-Fiva” across the room. The great thing is I had watched the movie the night before the party so all the lines were really recent in my head. The poor tarot card reader – I kept calling her a gypsy and asking for her tears! Here’s a quick pic of me and another Borat at the party:

2 borats

And those of you who saw the movie – might remember a certain lime-green bathing suit. Here’s a little peek of it under my suit (and no, it never came all the way out).

 borat swimsuit

Zak had his first real Halloween and dressed up as “Bob the Builder”. He didn’t quite get trick or treating. I’d help him knock on the doors of neighbors and he’d just barge right in and check out their house. Here he is (eating some of his Halloween loot) with Mommy and his baby sister in a pumpkin onesie.



  1. Val Fujii
    November 10, 2007, 9:17 pm

    Yanik, you’ve done it again! Not only entertaining us with your Borat outfit, but more importantly…Getting Things Done. I have been lagging on some projects and I can see why. Your so right, we need to be held accountable somehow someway. Thank you for sharing your tips on getting my a#$ motivated and the humor in you. Your an inspiration Yanik!! Keep them great blogs coming! Take care.

  2. November 11, 2007, 2:59 pm

    Great 5 Motivatiors you mentioned Yanik.
    I used all 5 of your steps in a recent experiment I did. I specialize in Local Product Resourcing – in other words how to locate wholesale and discounted products in your own neighborhood to resale. The following experiement was going to be revealed on a radio show, but the show fell through, but I still went on with the experiment. Here goes: I said, “I bet I can go to any town in North Carolina, where I live and find products to resale on eBay, at public auction or from the newspaper. It really didn’t matter, the key was that I would discover unquie products in a town where I had never been or looked for products. I choose the town that was in the very center of NC, and that was Asheboro. I had not been to Asheboro in over 40 years so I didn’t know what was there. So, on one Friday morning I left and traveled over an hour to Asheboro, NC and looked to see what I could find in a 24 hour period. I would then document the process and reveal to friends and put this information in one of the bonuses to a product I have. I searched that day beginning with the Chamber of Commerce. I stayed in that town for less than eight hours and found “MILLIONS” of dollars of merchandise I could purchase and resale. I found a shoe factory, a uniform and women’s clothing store, a bluejean outlet and a wholesale company where I found everything from rare Chineese antiques to wooded cirus clowns and zebras. I told friends what I was going to do; I made a bet I could find products to sale in this town I had never looked for products in; My big Why was to include this information in my ebook “The Product Hunter’s Guide for eBay Treasure Hunters,” How you can discover a gold mind of resources in hyour own backyard that can lead you to hidden treasures and products that you can sell on eBay and beyond,” I gave myself a 24 hour deadline, but accomplished my goal in less than eight hours and I documented the whole process that can be found in the bonuses when you purchase my ebook at
    Yes Yanik, these five motivators you stated do work.
    Thanks for adding them here.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. November 11, 2007, 5:26 pm

    Yanik, thats some great advice unusual as you said, but it makes it imperative that its done, unless of course you enjoy being


    P.S. Ive stuck it on the shaving mirror so that I can’t avoid it.

  4. November 12, 2007, 2:20 am

    Thankyou for the advise.

  5. November 12, 2007, 9:09 am

    I like point number 3 and 4, I use them all the time. As for the number 1… I used it one time, and it works even better than the others. You simply have no choice but doing what you said.

  6. November 13, 2007, 10:56 pm


    I love the idea of setting a deadline. Here is a how I applied that strategy earlier this year to kick my butt into gear — fast!

    In Jan I decided to start doing magic shows again. One problem, I had sold all my props and equipment a few years back and had nothing, but experience from the past?

    So, what did I do? I wrote down an idea for a show (re: what props I would need and a general idea of the act). Than I started calling local libraries, festival committees, event planners…etc.

    I started to get e-mails back asking what my show was all about, what were my fees…etc.

    YIKES! I was scared. I didn’t even have a single deck of cards, let alone the sound equipment, lighting, backdrops, costumes…PROPS!

    What did I do? I sent them back a Performance Proposal with the “idea” of a show I had, as if I already had it along with a fee 3x higher than any other local entertainer!

    So the results? I booked over 12 shows with only 60 days to get all my equipment, props, and practice!

    End result? I did it! I maxed our my credit cards, applied for a line of credit (knowing my fees that were booked would pay it back) . In 60 days I opened up to a sold out crowd of over 100+ people at our local library in which they had to turn away over 200+ people (should have booked 3 shows that day. lol.)

    So, for those who think they need to have everything together to get going — banish the thought completely. Write down what it is you want to do, and sell that idea as if you have it — than work your butt off in the next 30 or 60 days to make it happen!

    again, great post!

    Jason Herrington

  7. November 26, 2007, 1:50 pm

    Really good post, thanks for the tips — 3 and 4 are the best

  8. December 11, 2007, 9:06 am

    This is my favorite post so far on your blog Yanik!

    It’s just like school. If you didn’t finish the report by Friday at 12 – you fail.

    In fact, for my latest project, I set a deadline – 30 days. I finished in 29 days from start to finish. From product creation, interviews, proof-reading, sales letter, autoresponders, etc.

    I had that deadline in my head. If I don’t finish within 30 days. You Fail the class.

    That same approach has to be taken in business.

    Thanks Yanik,

    Chris Brisson

  9. January 19, 2009, 5:21 am

    I love this post and I love that doing all this will be augmented by giving something back. Even beter I love reading the comments, it’s all so inspiring and of course the phots definately add to it!
    Every one of these poibnts is valuable and maybe I’ll print this out and stick it on my wall too.

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  12. September 6, 2011, 5:25 pm

    […] To me, the thing that makes this work is the hard deadline. They all know they’ve got until Sunday night to have something working to show the judges or else they get zilch. That hard deadline is part of the magic and something we can all add into our lives. (See a previous post I made about “tricking” yourself into action.) […]

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