New eBook: “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List”

Ultimate Big Life List

As you may know I’m a huge fan of lists and especially, what I call, Ultimate BIG Life Lists. (You can see a lot of my list on the right-hand side of this blog actually.) I’ve put together a cool new eBook to help anyone start their own list with a bunch of fill-in-the-blank subject templates. I find it a lot easier to just jot down your “Top 5″ adventures or whatever than to start from scratch.

So please download the free ebook (there’s not even an opt-in required) and tell a friend. I’d love to hear your comments on the eBook and drop me a note when you get some of your coolest items checked off.

P.S. I just completed another item on list by doing an Aquarium Dive at the Baltimore Aquarium. Pretty cool experience. This is a pic of me pouring sand on the fish in the Atlantic Reef exhibit – they loved it because it cleans their scales! They just float there – very neat.

aquarium scuba dive

32 thoughts on “New eBook: “Creating Your Ultimate BIG Life List””

  1. Very cool, Yanik. I love SCUBA diving, but it’s often hit or miss with weather and conditions (except in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao – never had anything but amazing times there). I’ll have to check out the tank in Baltimore next time I’m in the neighborhood. Be well.

  2. Ahoy Yanik,

    Is this the 3000th comment? Harharhar…

    Thanks for putting together this “Ultimate Big Life List” for us. I too like to create lists. I am always careful to make them with a pencil! So I can change and improve them.

    Your Living on a Sailboat (Pirate) friend,

    Capt Rob πŸ˜‰

  3. Yanik, please have your customer service department reply to my email. I’m curious when the videos and other resources will be available that are mentioned in your book “Moonlighting on the Internet”. I purchased the book several weeks ago and sent the email about two weeks ago. Thank you.

  4. As always thank you Yanik.That big list I keep adding to weekly.
    Thank you for the great download.

    If you work it right you’ll have your name on The Stanley Cup as
    the owner of the Washington Capitals.Me,I want to own a minor
    pro hockey and baseball team.

    Thanks again Yanik.

  5. Wow. Yanik.
    I would love to read this. And then implement this. I find it so amazing when people like you who have the ability to create BEFORE people look and then.. VOILA! there waiting. I head a great quote when you start looking for the answer it will find you.

  6. Yanik, thanks for the great tool. I printed it off and posted in front of my desk. This will allow me to add and check off things as I think of them or do them.

  7. Thanks Yanik!! I especially like your categorization of the Big Life List items. This will definitely help me to expand upon my list!

  8. Hi Yanik
    Are you set up for the world cup, safari & shark diving? If not I will love to assist (in exchange of discussing the possibility of the biggest “Maverick Adventure Ever” to take place in SA. πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks again Yanik, ever since I first heard you mentioned the Big List
    I started my own… it’s not as long as yours yet, as it’s a work in progress for me.

    But the Big List concept was resulted in me learning, discovering and achieving new adventures and talents. Things I have struck off the list includes:
    – Having a 2nd child (lol that was fun)
    – Learning to ride a horse
    – creating a web site from scratch
    – creating an info product (
    – Teaching 7-8 yrs old business basic (kids love money )

    Still to achieve includes:

    – Learn to shoot hand guns and riffles
    – getting pilots license
    – visiting every island in the Caribbean
    – Being a Yanik’s Master Mind member ( I’m eager to learn what happened behind close doors)
    – Owning a chain of juice bars serving traditional juices and ice teas
    – speaking before an audience over 20,000

    well Thanks again Yanik.. you are awesome

  10. Well this is cool, Yanik! Thanks for sharing that with all of us..I can’t wait to see you soon! Take care!

  11. Thank you for sharing this, I’ve been building a definitive list of things I want to do over the next few years, I think it really helps you set goals and achieve them.

    Some of them are small things but others are big dreams. I don’t care if some of them fail, it will be awesome just trying :)

  12. Yanik, you’re really cool! You’re a master of internet marketers! You had really contributed a lot to this internet marketing community as a whole with your ideas that are priceless.

    I hail you…

  13. Thanks for your great UBL list! I also like to create lists, but then I have to constantly change them.

  14. Hi Yanik,
    thanks so much for this.

    I’ve needed this for such a long time, and now that I’ve just gone jetskiing for the first time I stumble upon your blog and this huge “Lifestyle list” idea !!!

    It’s going to change everything !


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