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N’Snyc, Sushi Nazi and Being Left Behind…


  * This post is brought to you by Castrol motor oil, Red-bull and the Underground UK – *  Howdy! A quick update before we get down to our party (er….meeting) with the other Players Run participants. Last night was quite Hollywood. We met up with Neil Straus... Read More ››

Frank Kern joins famous U.K. Boy Band, “Take That”. (Sort of).


The Lotus made it to L.A. OK last night …it’s like driving a go-kart on steroids or something. Very small, very fast, very GREEN car. Anyway – when I arrived at the Mondrian, I went to the Sky bar to meet Neil Strauss for some drinks. Before Neil showed... Read More ››



Close call right at zero hours. Kern calls me to say his Ferrari has been in the shop for 2 weeks. He was getting some routine maintenance before the long trip and the service guys ending up screwing something up with the smog emissions. After tons of back &... Read More ››



I’m getting ready to go to LA to meet up with Kern. I’ve got one suitcase completely filled with stuff for the trip and lots of surprises. Frank and I are planning on posting up some cool videos, pics, etc. Stay tuned.  Here’s a little map of where we’re... Read More ››

Getting ready…


Frank and I are making plans for our “road trip” as part of the PlayersRun road rally from L.A. to Denver. It should be interesting. We’re talking about if we should wear costumes and what kind of ‘gear’ we need for the trip. You guys will get a front row... Read More ››

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