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How to get more done, have more fun and make an impact each and every week

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I want to share with you a cool form I created for myself and have only shared with a few people. I think it’ll have a profound effect on your bottom line, your happiness and your esteem. Seriously! Each... Read More »

3 BIG announcements about the upcoming Underground® Online Seminar 5…

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Some big announcements to share on our upcoming Underground® 5 seminar next month… Announcement #1: Your Early-Bird deadline is being extended! Yep, I typically NEVER extend deadlines but I’ll explain in #2 why it’s happening. So the good news... Read More »

Why crappy things happening might be good news (and where to see Yanik this week)

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There’s an old story about a boy who wants a pony really badly for his birthday. When he wakes up to find a huge pile of crap at his house. He jumps around clapping and excited! Someone asks him,... Read More »

Contest winners….and Maverick Business Insider “Take Two”

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Well today was *supposed* to be unvieling of the ‘Maverick Business Insider‘ newsletter and intro package. I guess someone forgot to clear it with the Internets. I’m not a techie but it had to do with our database and... Read More »

Should you be using Twitter? (Win a new Amazon Kindle)

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Okay I think I need to admit I was wrong. I’ve been telling my friends that Twitter is one of the silliest things in the world – but now I might have to eat my words… You see, I... Read More »

3 Seats Left for the Underground® 4 Seminar…

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There are just 3 seats left for Underground® 4 so it’s a pretty safe bet it’s going to be sold-out tomorrow or the next day! I hope to see a lot of blog readers there because we’ve a... Read More »

9 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs to Smack Down Stupid, Time-Wasting Tasks…

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As a successful entrepreneur, sometimes it’s too easy to get tied up on your computer doing stupid, mundane tasks that could be handled better (sometimes a lot better!). I love shortcuts and ultra useful resources. That’s why, I’m going... Read More »

Last night’s “Lunar Eclipse” call…

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Last night was the lunar eclipse – so it made great sense to launch the “Moonlighting on the Internet” book. (I wish I could take credit for timing it that perfectly but it was pretty much a happy accident.)... Read More »

Underground™ 4 Now Open…

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Good morning – Your mission if you choose to accept it is to infiltrate a *all-new* gathering of Rogue Underground Internet “Players” to discover their unique (and never before publicized) moneymaking secrets… You’ve probably never heard about these ‘Under-The-Radar’... Read More »

Why this is the ‘Golden Age’ of Online Business…

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‘I truly think this time will go down as the ‘golden age’ of entrepreneurship. It’s never been easier or cheaper to simply go at it part-time. It just takes a semi-decent idea, a few bucks and an Internet connection... Read More »

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