Taking aim at skydiving chickens (a bit belated)

Taking aim at skydiving chickens (a bit belated)

Adventure / Fun

* I meant to post this about 6 months ago. Oops * Last Summer we held our 2nd annual Maverick Business Insider Summer Extravaganza event for Maverick1000 members and Maverick Business Insider newsletter subscribers. This 1-day event covered the... Read More »

Cheeky Ambush Marketing…High-Fiving Great Whites and a Bit of ‘Footie’…

Adventure / Fun / Marketing-O-Rama

Just back from our Maverick EPIC excursion to South Africa for World Cup, Safari and cage diving with sharks. Pretty awesome!! I think all the Maverick members really got a lot out of this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I caught... Read More »

Yanik’s Winter Olympics Adventure…

Adventure / Fun

I always believed the Olympics would be an amazing experience and it didn’t disappoint. It’s with great pleasure I can check off another item from my Ultimate Life List. When I originally started my list I knew it would... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned Part 4: How To Create More Fun in Your Business & Life

Financial Independence / Fun / Marketing-O-Rama

Happy New Year! And welcome to part 4 in this continuing series… I’m a big believer in having a lot of fun in how you work and how you play. Maverick Rule #31 says “Make your business AND doing... Read More »

80’s Hair, Hanging with Billionaires and Saving Pumpkins

Adventure / Fun

A few weeks ago we held our ‘Totally Rad 80’s Maverick Road Rally’ heading from LA to Napa. Starting with getting pink hair, the Mavericks really got into the spirit of the 80’s and helped to support Breast Cancer... Read More »

How to get more done, have more fun and make an impact each and every week

Fun / Philanthropy / Resources and Tools

I want to share with you a cool form I created for myself and have only shared with a few people. I think it’ll have a profound effect on your bottom line, your happiness and your esteem. Seriously! Each... Read More »

Iceland Adventure…Maverick Style

Adventure / Fun / Philanthropy

Just got back from Iceland for our Ultimate Maverick Viking Experience – it was quite an adventure! The first funny recollection is thinking about how our group was bombing around in a fleet of shiny, brand new black Lincoln... Read More »

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Avoid (or Recover from) Burnout!

Fun / Ramblings

Nearly every successful entrepreneur I know has gone through or has grappled with burnout. I think by nature entrepreneurs are inspired, passionate and many-times a bit (or a lot ADHD) and all of this contributes to a feeling of... Read More »

Lessons and adventures from Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson

Adventure / Fun / Philanthropy

Wow! I’m back from Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island…what an incredible experience. Before we get to the stories – the most important part of the trip was to raise money for Virgin Unite. This was our first... Read More »

Where in the world is Yanik Silver? (catching up…)

Adventure / Fun / Ramblings

Whoa.. Looking at the last post it’s been awhile. Sorry. I wanted to catch you up on some business stuff and adventures. #1: Let’s start with our last Maverick Business Adventures Ultimate Baja experience… This was our 2nd time... Read More »

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