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Creating More Predictable Sales Revenue

Creating More Predictable Sales Revenue

Financial Independence / Marketing-O-Rama

See if this sounds familiar? You look at your bank account or monthly sales report online and think, “Oh crap! I better get some customers in the door!” So off you go on a frantic, frenzied pace focused on... Read More »

The Power of Smart Questions

The Power of Smart Questions

Financial Independence

I love questions… I think questions dictate your answers and the more powerful questions you ask the better the answers are in life and business. One of the first questions I asked that had a dramatic impact on me... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned Part 4: How To Create More Fun in Your Business & Life

Financial Independence / Fun / Marketing-O-Rama

Happy New Year! And welcome to part 4 in this continuing series… I’m a big believer in having a lot of fun in how you work and how you play. Maverick Rule #31 says “Make your business AND doing... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned Part 2: Creating the ‘BIG’ idea & Selling at premium prices

Financial Independence / Marketing-O-Rama / Resources and Tools

So let’s start where we left off, talking about “Making More”… Maverick Rule #1 says: It’s got to be a BIG idea that you, your team and your customers can “get” in seconds. Creating The BIG Idea Before we... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned from the Last Decade

Financial Independence / Freedom / Resources and Tools

When the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s it’ll mark the 10th year I’ve been in business online. I’ve been taking stock of my accomplishments, lessons learned and what I’ve done in the span of 10 years. Here’s a... Read More »

7 Keys to Personal Freedom as a Maverick Entrepreneur

Financial Independence / Freedom

So here we are on July 4th Eve (is that even a day?)…and tomorrow all around the U.S. we get to enjoy our Independence Day with hotdogs, apple pie & fireworks! Now even if you don’t celebrate “The 4th... Read More »

Fun ‘freedom’ Contest

Financial Independence / Freedom

** Update the winners are announced. Check them out here ** With Independence Day (July 4th) right around the corner – I had a brainstorm last night to give something fun a try. So here goes… I’m opening up... Read More »

How to Become a Possibility-Based “Future” Person

Financial Independence / Ramblings

Here’s an important question for you – are you a “Future-Based” person or a “Past-Based” one? In the past few days this distinction has really hit home with me on Facebook. I’ve had several people from my elementary school... Read More »

Do your ‘wants’ create your ultimate success?

Financial Independence / Freedom / Ramblings

I was lying here yesterday, pretty medicated, with some random thoughts going through my head on success, wealth and an occasional pink bunny. Just a quick background on the meds. I had a new type of procedure yesterday on... Read More »

Maverick Manifesto video

Financial Independence / Freedom / Fun / Philanthropy / Ramblings

What started off as a quick 15-minute Saturday project turned into a 1 hr+ of new material on how to make more, have more fun and give more back! I asked you guys a few days ago for questions... Read More »

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