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Top Business & Life Lessons Learned Part 3: Authentic Connections, Mastermind groups & Mentors

Marketing-O-Rama / Resources and Tools

Authentic Connections: Everybody has heard the expression, “It’s not what you know – but who you know – that counts.” That’s partially true and I’d have to say the ability to create high-level connections has been a big factor... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned Part 2: Creating the ‘BIG’ idea & Selling at premium prices

Financial Independence / Marketing-O-Rama / Resources and Tools

So let’s start where we left off, talking about “Making More”… Maverick Rule #1 says: It’s got to be a BIG idea that you, your team and your customers can “get” in seconds. Creating The BIG Idea Before we... Read More »

Top Business & Life Lessons Learned from the Last Decade

Financial Independence / Freedom / Resources and Tools

When the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s it’ll mark the 10th year I’ve been in business online. I’ve been taking stock of my accomplishments, lessons learned and what I’ve done in the span of 10 years. Here’s a... Read More »

2012: A Maverick Space Odyssey, Painted Picture and Lessons Learned

Adventure / Start-up

I’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind West Coast tour. First stop was Vegas for my buddy Andy Jenkins’ bachelor party. It was great to see some of my Internet pals like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, John Reese... Read More »