7 Keys to Personal Freedom as a Maverick Entrepreneur

So here we are on July 4th Eve (is that even a day?)…and tomorrow all around the U.S. we get to enjoy our Independence Day with hotdogs, apple pie & fireworks!

Now even if you don’t celebrate “The 4th of July” like we do in the U.S., this is still  the perfect chance to think about your independence. And for just that reason, you’ve got to check out this new video I just released…

‘7 Keys to Achieving Your Personal Freedom as a Maverick Entrepreneur”

This brand spanking new video is all about the 7 essential keys to getting to your Independence Day (and beyond). I’ve used these 7 principals to create financial freedom. Plus, as an added bonus there’s some serious behind-the-scenes footage inside my house that nearly nobody else has ever seen. Let me know what you think by coming back here and posting a comment.

Plus on the same page you can see the finalists in last weeks contest all about ‘freedom’.  There are some really incredible submissions and these are the 5 winners. Good stuff! Click here to watch it all!

Side note: With the current state of what’s going on in the world – I believe this message of freedom is even more important (on so many levels). So check it out and if you like it please help spread the ideas.