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How to Become a Possibility-Based “Future” Person

Financial Independence / Ramblings

Here’s an important question for you – are you a “Future-Based” person or a “Past-Based” one? In the past few days this distinction has really hit home with me on Facebook. I’ve had several people from my elementary school... Read More »

Do your ‘wants’ create your ultimate success?

Financial Independence / Freedom / Ramblings

I was lying here yesterday, pretty medicated, with some random thoughts going through my head on success, wealth and an occasional pink bunny. Just a quick background on the meds. I had a new type of procedure yesterday on... Read More »

Maverick Philosophy with Frank McKinney

Philanthropy / Ramblings

I probably should have posted this a lot sooner…but a few weeks ago I was in Delray Beach speaking at the ETR Internet workshop and I walked down the road to my friend, Frank McKinney’s treehouse. (Seriously, he’s got... Read More »