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The Loneliest Lemonade Stand…

Marketing-O-Rama / Ramblings

  Here’s a picture of my neighbor, Spencer, from a few weeks ago. I think he’s about 10, a cute kid and a good marketing case study for us. If you notice in the picture – we live in... Read More »

Why crappy things happening might be good news (and where to see Yanik this week)

Ramblings / Resources and Tools / Start-up

There’s an old story about a boy who wants a pony really badly for his birthday. When he wakes up to find a huge pile of crap at his house. He jumps around clapping and excited! Someone asks him,... Read More »

Contest winners….and Maverick Business Insider “Take Two”

Ramblings / Resources and Tools

Well today was *supposed* to be unvieling of the ‘Maverick Business Insider‘ newsletter and intro package. I guess someone forgot to clear it with the Internets. I’m not a techie but it had to do with our database and... Read More »

Maverick Manifesto video

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What started off as a quick 15-minute Saturday project turned into a 1 hr+ of new material on how to make more, have more fun and give more back! I asked you guys a few days ago for questions... Read More »

Halloween fun and need you help…

Financial Independence / Fun

Happy post Halloween… Hope you enjoyed your little ghouls and goblins ransacking your house for sweets. We literally (no exaggeration) had probably 250 kids hit our house. I swear they bus them into our neighborhood. I was really worried... Read More »