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28,500 ft – HALO Skydive Adventure…

Adventure / Fun / Philanthropy

Last weekend, I embarked on one of my craziest adventures yet. A HALO skydive (High-Altitude Low-Opening). It’s on my BIG Life List and that’s another big checkmark. Plus, we were able to (with your help) raise over $32,000.00 for... Read More »

Over $30k…We did it! (But let’s keep going) :)


Thank you…thank you…thank you! Our HALO Skydiving ‘fall-a-thon’ is a success. Yesterday, I got notice of a $5000 donation from one of my Maverick Business Adventures members that puts the total raised at $15,749.00 — so that’s over $30k... Read More »

Win a Kindle Contest Update….

Fun / Philanthropy

I just tweeted about this 😉 Kindle contest update. Most creative promotion of the charity HALO skydive page gets the Kindle. Send people over to this page (me and Mike don’t make a dime – 100% of the donation... Read More »

Should you be using Twitter? (Win a new Amazon Kindle)

Marketing-O-Rama / Resources and Tools

Okay I think I need to admit I was wrong. I’ve been telling my friends that Twitter is one of the silliest things in the world – but now I might have to eat my words… You see, I... Read More »

Skydive 30,000 feet for charity…need your help

Adventure / Philanthropy

You’ve probably heard of “Walk-a-Thons”, right? You know where you sponsor someone for every mile they walk, right? Well…you know me and I can’t just do a typical fund raiser…it’s got to be a bit more Maverick over here.... Read More »

When Is Your Independence Day?

Financial Independence / Freedom

Here’s an article I wrote a few years ago – I think the lessons here about freedom and independence are still incredibly timely so I’m reprinting it. And in other exciting news – it’s Zoe 1st Birthday on Sunday... Read More »