LIVE ‘bootleg’ video from the Underground® 4

yanik secret society


The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy in preparation for my totally SOLD-OUT Underground Online Seminar® 4 that kicks off tomorrow morning.

This event really breaks all of the rules because we don’t bring in polished platform “salespeople” that you hear over and over again on the Internet speaking circuit. It’s not the same usual suspects – but real people making real money selling real stuff. (Definitely no Internet “get rich” folks allowed here.)

I’ve got a strong hunch this will be the biggest, baddest, most explosive event yet.

I can tell just by the few attendees I have passed in the hotel lobby already that the anticipation for tomorrow is like static electricity in the air.

Everyone is totally pumped up!

And rightfully so, with a speaker lineup that brings in over $906,000,000.0 (nearly a BILLION dollars of combined revenue)…this may be the most profitable weekend of their lives. And that’s why I figured – I’d like to try a little experiment…

I am going to do something I have never done before with any of my Underground® Seminars…I am going to let you get sneak a peek at the LIVE while it is actually going on just as if you were there yourself.

You heard right!

Twice a day during the event, I’ll allow my underground moles to tap into the video feed and broadcast their “bootleg” signal live and in real time for 12 minutes at a clip.

Remember, it’s totally LIVE and unrehearsed so just about anything can happen. I’m not going to edit or censor the footage. You’ll see and hear everything that’s going for those two, 12-minute clips just as if you were a covert agent who had infiltrated the event.

Synchronize your watches now because the very first broadcast happens tomorrow, Friday March 28, 2008 at 9am Pacific time (12 noon, ET) for the over-the-top, kick-off opening! And then the second broadcast will take place at 4:02 pm Pacific (7:02 PM, ET) with Agent “Get Smart” Eben Pagan. Plus, other broadcast times will be listed on this page along with all kinds of other uncensored Underground® surveillance videos appearing in real-time transmitted back from actual agents in the field.

That’s it for now – I got to get back to preparing. Let me know what you think once you check it out.

The ‘Hidden’ Hot-Button to Getting More Prospects to Say YES!

If you have not read Robert Cialdini’s monumental work, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” – grab it now! Inside on of the major psychological triggers he explains is scarcity. Human beings have been hard-wired to want what is going away. Many more people are motivated by the thought of potential loss than potential gain.

Gary Bencivenga, one of the world’s best copywriters, summed this up perfectly at his “Bencivenga 100″ seminar in New York. I’m paraphrasing but he said something along the lines of, “If I called my neighbor at 3 AM and told him about a 2-for-1 sale going on at the local tire store – my neighbor would think I was crazy and probably be pretty annoyed! But if I called him at 3 in the morning and told him his garage was open and 2 kids were rolling 4 of his snow tires down the street. He’d jump out of bed and go chase them!”

That’s the power of scarcity. If you get this principle right you’ll be astonished at the sales results. A lot of people think they understand scarcity but that’s not the case. Simply saying “x” number of units will be sold. Or “limited time opportunity” or “Buy before midnight tonight” does not always translate to better sales. There’s more to it than just a thinly veiled attempt at influencing.

I know scarcity is one of those triggers that works on me. (Side note: It’s good to step back when you make buying decisions and see what caused it. You can rationalize it all you want – but many buying decisions on based on emotional, psychological triggers.)

For instance, my first sports car was a Honda S2000 when it came out in 2000. The car was impossible to get. My local dealer had an allotment of 2 or 3 cars for the year. Only 5000 were made and about 2000 came to the U.S. I was searching all over the country calling every dealership for this rare combination of Silver with a red interior. I found my S2000 about 800 miles away in upstate NY and drove it all the down to our place in Maryland in the pouring rain. Even today, I sold my Mercedes SL55 for something even more exclusive – an Aston Martin.

I like examples from diverse industries aside from info marketing since this is how breakthroughs happen. This is from, a company I buy a fair amount of wine from and I’ve got to know their owner, Hal Oates. They do an excellent job of using scarcity and making it believable. [Side note: Hal will be speaking at my sold-out Underground® 4 Seminar ]


The mention of how many cases (300) telegraphs exclusivity, rarity and scarcity without being over the top. Also, if you trust Hal and his recommendation (I do) he tells you this wine is most likely to hit $100+ cult status. Then notice at the bottom “NO SALES TO RETAILERS”. Yet another trigger to the scarcity here.

I think does an excellent job of using scarcity along with very solid reason-why in the sales copy for wine. He’s not selling to a starry-eyed crowd of biz-oppers, most wine collectors are considered affluent and sophisticated consumers. You can use this psychological trigger in an ethical way that’s not demeaning to your list’s intelligence.

Let me give you a few more examples…

Ferrari Enzo – Ferrari is a perfect example of scarcity and fueling a passionate marketplace. The Enzo is their $600,000+ supercar made in honor of Enzo Ferrari, the founder. They made exactly 399 cars and that’s it. Ferrari collectors know when Ferrari tells them its limited edition – it really is and they will not make any more.

ferrari enzo

Part of maintaining Ferrari’s prestigious heritage is making sure that not everyone can have one. Only a privileged few can buy a Ferrari hence the truly created scarcity. But just having a big bankroll still won’t let you drive an Enzo – Ferrari has traditionally made potential buyers apply to buy one of their limited-edition cars, placing various restrictions on what may and may not be done with the car. They enforce these restrictions by threatening to withdraw perks like factory tours and the chance to buy future Ferraris. I was talking to an owner of an Enzo at a car show in NY and he told me you had to have been a registered owner of 3 other Ferraris to have the privilege of applying for one of the Enzos.

You’ll see a lot of special editions created for collectible and high-end merchandise like pens, cigars and spirits. This pen site keep all the sold-out editions as proof they really are sold-out and scarce:


Okay guys, here’s your big SAT word of the day – verisimilitude:
verisimilitude \ver-uh-suh-MIL-uh-tood; -tyood\, noun:
1. The appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true.
2. Something that has the appearance of being true or real.

I think this is the key to making scarcity work for your business. eBooks don’t really have it. You can say you’ll only sell 500 copies of an eBook but there’s no “appearance of truth”. It’s just bits and bytes – why would it be truly limited? I’ve seen others use scarcity ploys that really had me wondering if they were true or not. If your customers question it – you’re done for.

The best advice I can give is combine scarcity with ‘reason-why’ for an extra comma in your bank account.

3 Seats Left for the Underground® 4 Seminar…

There are just 3 seats left for Underground® 4 so it’s a pretty safe bet it’s going to be sold-out tomorrow or the next day! I hope to see a lot of blog readers there because we’ve a lot of fun, surprises and perks lined up for you. Not only have we added even more content and speakers (including some I haven’t even put up on the site) but I’m out to make sure it’s the best event yet…

I just confirmed our celebrity guest from the hit TV show “24”. It’ll be Carlos Bernard AKA “Agent Tony Almeida”. If you watch the show at all – Carlos is a pretty big character and has a major role when season 7 finally starts shooting again. Attendees will get to meet Carlos and get a one-on-one pic with him.


And even more fun – we’re having a LIVE concert with Mini KISS. They are a band of little people KISS impersonators. Go get ready to rock n roll all day and party every night! Check them out:


It’s going to bad-ass…and I’ll fill you in on all the details after the event. Speaking of KISS – I’m going to meet the behind their incredible success the week after Underground®. At the Glazer-Kennedy Super Summit in Nashville I’ll be sharing the platform with none other than Gene Simmons. If you haven’t read Gene’s book “Sex, Money, Kiss” go get it. It’s a great example of someone who has constructed his life to fit his own rules.

If you want in before we close the doors – check out the site immediately!

9 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs to Smack Down Stupid, Time-Wasting Tasks…

productivity tools

As a successful entrepreneur, sometimes it’s too easy to get tied up on your computer doing stupid, mundane tasks that could be handled better (sometimes a lot better!). I love shortcuts and ultra useful resources. That’s why, I’m going to share my favorite 9 productivity tools with you that I guarantee will add several extra hours to your life each week and help you feel more in control…

#1: Mailwasher – It’s no secret email and spam is out of control. This is one of my favorite tools because I can peek at the email headers and check what I want to keep and what I want to delete before I download it and hits my computer. You can also select to ‘bounce’ spam so that spammers think they got a non-working email. It lets you check pretty much any type of email account you have (POP3, AOL, Hotmail, etc). I love it! It’s one of my favorite tools and it’s one of the easiest pieces of software. It takes about 3 minutes to go through hundreds of emails and check which ones I want and which ones I want to delete. Also, if I just want to pick out one or two emails to respond to real fast – I can just do a ‘quick reply’ straight from mail washer which launches my default email client. (Note: this does not replace your email client.)

Here’s a screenshot of it on my computer (click to enlarge):


#2: Roboform – I just started using this about 6 months ago and have no idea why it took so long. It’s frickin awesome! You never realize how much time you waste filling out forms, looking for credit cards, passwords, etc. Roboform stores all of this for you like a secure little passport that travels with you on the Web. Plus, you can stop using the exact same password like your doggie’s name because Roboform will create super strength passwords like “Xjx81x87Hq” and then store them for you. It keeps multiple identities separate so for my multiple companies it takes one click to decide which credit card to use, address to ship to, etc. Sweet.

#3: – It seems like files are getting bigger and bigger and email seems to be unreliable for bigger files. I always get concerned when I send anything over about 2mb to a contact. With you can upload your bigger files to share or store. Plus, there is an option to share/collaborate with your team. I got the premium version (I think you get 15mb of storage for free).

#4: Jing/Camtasia – Beyond all the uses of Camtasia as one of my favorite (and super quick) product development ways or promotional videos – there are tons of productivity uses. First off, Camtasia/Jing are both ‘Macro’ recorders so whatever is on my screen gets recorded and I can also record my voice and create mark-ups on the screen, etc. It’s super powerful. Camtasia is the full version from TechSmith and is obviously more feature rich – but I’ve been impressed with the Jing project as a real simple tool for training or getting your point across. Many times if I’m working with a web designer – I can load up Jing and in 5 minutes explain exactly what I want changed without the meaning getting lost in a written email. When training your team on any computer-related tasks you can record what you do in Camtasia and then there is no miscommunication. Or better still, if someone new comes on board they are trained the exact same way. Here’s a sample so you can see how powerful this software is.

#5: Simulscribe – I first found out about this from one of my MasterMind members and it’s made my life a lot easier. Simulscribe will transcribe your voicemails for you and either email or text them to you. I use it for our company’s voicemail and then that transcription gets sent to our help desk so our customer support team can respond faster. Good stuff.

#6: NoteTab Light – this one might not be for everyone and I pretty much only use one tiny feature but it’s well worth it (especially since it’s free!). I compose a lot of emails to my subscribers and since I communicate via text I want to create hard returns on the emails so the formatting doesn’t get all screwy when the email goes out. NoteTab Light will let you set up how many character spaces you want all your text and then you hit “Ctrl” + “J” to make it all line-up. Plus, there are a few other shortcuts in there. I think this is an HTML editor tool but like I said I only use one tiny function.

7. Mind Jet – My absolute favorite way of getting things done is Mindmapping. I’ve used the MindJet software for quite some time to be able to get my ideas out in one spot quickly, easily and in a more organized fashion.

Here’s a quick example:

mindmap example maverick

You want to start with a central theme or idea in the middle of your page. (I’ve put my example in a piece of software I use – but many times my mind maps are drawn by hand and with just pen & paper.) Then you want to create branches radiated out from the center which encompass different points related to your main topic. Then under the main points radiating out you can even further sub-branches, etc.

I love mind mapping for all kinds of uses because it really fits the way we think on a subject. You’ve most likely been taught to make a linear outline when taking notes or trying to organize your ideas. It can be really frustrating because our brains don’t always output information in a perfectly ordered and structured way. Many times one thing will trigger an idea for something else and then something else again. That’s why Mind Maps are the perfect way to dump everything out of your head and put onto paper or a the computer screen.

Two other pieces of software you might try. The first is from the “father of Mindmapping” Tony Buzan, himself. It’s called I Mind Map. Has some good features and I like the organic looks of the mindmaps plus it defaults to different colors per branch. Another one is – I have not played with this that much but it seems very cool because you can collaborate online with others on a single mindmap.

#8: Mozy – I don’t know if this quite fits productivity but it does become one if the inevitable happens. Just recently I spilled half a bottle of water on my laptop. That’s when I yelled something that in a cartoon would look like this – “@#!%@!

I quickly removed the battery but it was too late. I thought I had fried my computer. The good thing is I had this little piece of software installed that automatically backed up all the important stuff without me thinking about it and put in a remote location. I logged into my Mozy account from Missy’s computer and got a set of DVDs overnighted that had all my data on them. Boom! Back in business. Luckily, my computer did eventually dry out after my buddy dissembled the whole thing –but having Mozy really would have been a life saver. We all have good intentions of backing up our stuff – but unless you’re pretty disciplined it won’t happen.

#9: Log me in – this is another cool resource I found about from one of MasterMind members. As long as you have an active online connection on your home computer you can access it from anywhere. It’s pretty slick. It’s just like sitting at your own desk and you can see your desktop like normal. You can access files, updates files (and they are updated on your home computer), remote print, etc. There’s a free version and a paid version with more features. Cool software and works really well.

There you go – give a few of these a try and reclaim some of your time. And even better, let’s make this even more useful – I’d like to hear from you. What tools/resources do you use that make your life more productive as an entrepreneur? Leave a comment. Plus, if you found this helpful – give it a DIGG (by clicking below) so even more entrpreneurs can benefit from this list.