Last night’s “Lunar Eclipse” call…

lunar eclipse

Last night was the lunar eclipse – so it made great sense to launch the “Moonlighting on the Internet” book. (I wish I could take credit for timing it that perfectly but it was pretty much a happy accident.) 😉

Some of you might have made it to last night’s 2+ hour call on the 5 proven ways to make an extra paycheck on the internet! We covered the proven ways to pull in a few extra bucks (or a whole lot more) to pay for a mortgage, car payment, the kids college fund or even a great vacation…all on autopilot.

I know…I know…I know…you’ve heard it before – but here’s a quick email I got this morning:

“…I was on that call with you and your co-authors last night, and I have to tell you that it was the most useful, informative and inspiring 2 hours that I have spent in quite a while. The call was loaded with quality information and was organized exceptionally well. I enjoyed the way all the info was presented in a way that blueprinted how to actually employ the strategies that everyone talked about. Everybody presented in a down to earth manner that was easy to follow for someone like me who is looking to get started in the internet world. Kudos man.”

If you missed any part of the 2+ hour call (which was ALL content with absolutely zero pitch) or would just like to hear it again – it’s right here:

On the call I mentioned the very special “lunar eclipse” bonus deal for people who bought 5 copies of the “Moonlighting on the Internet” book.

1) Special Report – “How to Get Unlimited Testimonials and Massive Proof”

2) Special Report – “How to Sell at Prices Double or Triple Your Competitors (and still provide an incredible value)”

3) Special Report – “Instant Idea Generator & Organizer”

These reports are taken from my Secret Society newsletter ($87.63/issue) and I don’t make any past issues available so this not only represents a rare opportunity but also a true value of $262.89

AND I’ll also throw in an extra bonus – “My Ultimate Internet Lifestyle Webinar”

How I plan my year, balance my life, have more fun and enjoy the freedom of the Internet Lifestyle. After all, what’s the point of doing really well online with your online business if you don’t enjoy it? I’m talking about one word….freedom!

Personally, my own Internet Lifestyle means experiencing life to the fullest and living adventures! Plus, it means having the time available to hang out with your family. This is the only webinar where I “show and tell” you exactly how I get the massive results I do without any staff (aside from 2 virtual assistants and one ‘tech’ guy on retainer but no real employees except my wife, Missy.)

I am not even sure how to put a value on something like this but I’ll be embarrassed if you don’t agree it is one kick-butt bonus!

Okay, here’s the deal – you get all three special reports and the extra bonus “Ultimate Internet Lifestyle” webinar as my gift (call it an ethical bribe) when you buy 5 copies of my Moonlighting on the Internet book from or

Simply email your receipt to

And you’ll get an email back with instructions to download your bonuses right away.

Highlights from the first Maverick Business Adventures trip…Baja Racing Adventure

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I got back home since I was away for most of January between Vegas, NYC and then Baja, Mexico for my premiere Baja Experience for Maverick Business Adventures™. I feel like I’ve been waiting for the trip forever and it went even better than I could have imagined. Members were blown away by the adventure part, the business and giving back all rolled into one. I’m even more excited about this idea now that we got our first trip under our belt.

Here’s a quick 4-minute highlights video, Perry Lawrence, put together:

Ultimate Baja Experience from Yanik Silver on Vimeo.

A couple fun stories…The Legend of Phil “Cliff” Chapman:

The tale begins with an all-day and evening drive from La Paz to San Juanico (the longest drive ever made by any Wide Open Baja customer group). We arrived at Juan y Juan’s in Scorpion Bay after dark (important fact as you’ll see in a moment). The town (if you want to call it that) is pretty isolated and extremely hard to get to but they are famous for the 2nd longest surf break. The entire town was excited by our arrival and the local taco stand was closed all day to prep for our dinner and party.

After our fill of tacos and margaritas – we went back to our accommodations at Juan Y Juan’s. Jesse James had built a pretty raging fire and about a half dozen of us just hung out to talk and drink a little.

Phil Chapman, the Ad-words expert, was down there and the fire crackled and shot flames towards him. Our hero jumped out of the way and ended up rolling. He missed his footing and ended up falling all the way down. (Remember it was dark out when we drove in and nobody knew there was a steep ledge beyond our beach.) Everyone started laughing because we had no idea how far it was. Good thing Phil was ok and he even managed to save his margarita glass. The first words out of my mouth were, “You signed the waiver!”

I believe an illustration would be helpful here:


We started calling incidents like this “Maverick Moments”…

Now part of the Maverick Business Adventures is learning and being around business icons and celebrities. Our first guest was Jesse James, from Monster Garage and West Coast Choppers. He hung out with us for 2 days and was just super cool guy…plus very sharp. During our confidential business sessions he gave us a lot of candid insight into his $200M business. He also sat in on one of the sessions I ran about “Instant Leverage Points in Your Business” and he told us on tape that he probably learned more than any of the members who attended. Pretty neat. 😉

Here’s a quick pic of me and Jesse getting ready to tear it up in the monster Baja racer belonging to the owner of Wide Open Baja.

Jesse James and Yanik Silver

Here are a few more Maverick Moments…

If you watch the video closely you’ll see a car stuck in the red mud, spinning wheels, with about 5 of us pushing. That was one of my MasterMind members, Mike Dillard and his girlfriend, Stephanie, managed to get axle-deep in some sort of super deep mud/clay mixture. Another car couldn’t pull them out because they’d get stuck too. We pushed them out and in the process got caked (head to toe) in mud. One of the members, a former college football player, reverted back to the grid iron and rubbed mud under his eyes so he’d be ready to go into battle against the dune buggy!

Also, on the highlights video you saw some cool whale footage. Our final stop before flying back to Cabo was San Ignacio. This is one of the best places for getting up close and personal with the Gray Whales when they come into the shallow lagoons to breed. In the brochure they show a family basically hugging the whale and I wanted to touch the whale. I asked our guide how often people touch whales and he replied, “Not so much.” I was determined. Everyone on my boat was cold and wet (the ride out was about 45 minutes). Mike Filsaime, somehow picked the wrong seat because he was just soaking wet by the time we arrived around the whales.

They were magnificent and they were almost within arm’s reach – but not quite. I was adamant. I told our guide that he would get a $100 tip if I touched a whale. No dice. We stayed out another 25 minutes longer than our 2 other boats but no whale touching. That became the running joke – and if you paused the picture of me sitting with 3-time Super Bowl champ, Darren Woodson, you’d see the flip chart. On the left was an arrow pointing to me “Did not touch the whale” and to the right was “3-time Super Bowl Champ” with an arrow to Darren. I forgot it was there for the entire session we held with Darren.

Here’s another one…

I had 2 reporters who tagged along on the trip to write about it. Brad, the reporter from Outside Go magazine, decided he wanted to ride with me the final day. Our cars travel about 1 mile apart so the dust from the road doesn’t interfere with the driving. And each car is supposed to call to the one behind it any obstacles or turns, etc using the GPS mile marker.

Well I guess car #3 missed one because I was flying down the road about 65 or 70mph when a hard right turn came out of nowhere. I slammed on the brakes and dropped the car into 2nd but it was too late. We jumped an embankment and went into a field with massive boulders. I thought we might possibly flip. I got us back to the road and checked out the damage. I need to get a photo from someone but the rim had been bent in about 8” and completely broke off. I was pretty proud of my handiwork and gave Brad something else to mention in his article. [Side note: Should hopefully be appearing in the April issue of Outside Go.]

I’m extremely excited and encouraged by this first trip because members walked away with tons of memories, business breakthroughs and even helped the next generation of Maverick entrepreneurs with our ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ learning session that took place the final morning. I can’t wait to get some of that video posted because it was a group of college students in Mexico and the very first words out of my mouth were – “Everything I learned in college was Bullshit.” The translator looked at me like I was crazy and told her to please translate…and the kids got a kick out of it.

Then to cap off the trip we had a “Big Game” party hosted by 3-time Super Bowl champion, Darren Woodson. It was pretty cool to watch this huge upset with someone who had been there done that. You might have seen Darren lately on ESPN doing the NFL Live show and he literally flew in straight from Arizona to be with us in Cabo. Here’s quick pic of me doing my worst ever Heisman impression trying to block out Maverick Member, Mike Lally.

Darren Woodson and Yanik

I’ll probably post up some more stuff here as I get more pics and video finished.

If you want in on the business building and shenanigans- the 2nd trip is now locked in. May 15-18, 2008 in Las Vegas for a Zero G flight, Aerial combat in a jet fighter , Helicopter inside the Grand Canyon, dinner with Peter Diamandis (founder of the X prize) and much more still shaping up. Get a sneak peak at

One more interesting incident from Baja…As we were sitting around having a few beers at Scorpion Bay (one of the most remote locations in the world) the conversation turned to my friend Mike Hill. The guys sitting around with me were some of the Internet’s top marketers…names you know and many others you don’t know who are bringing in 6-figures/month & more.

In confidence, Mike started talking about a hidden backdoor method for getting your site seen in front of the most eager, excited and motivated prospects you could want. It’s called “CPV” or Cost Per View.

Here’s how it works…

Imagine, being able to walk up to somebody at Wal-Mart who has a t-shirt in his hands and say, “Do you know what? That t-shirt in your hands that you’re about to pay $12.00 for? I’ll sell you one for $9.00.” That’s how powerful CPV Marketing is. You literally can grab the customer at any point in any process and make them your own customer.

Maybe you advertise on Google for an extremely competitive, very high-priced keyword. You’re going to pay anywhere between $5.00 to $10 per click

If you were advertising in a CPV platform, you could pay probably anywhere from $0.03 to $0.05 per click, instead of $5.00 to $10. You can literally specify inside that CPV platform which keywords or which competitor’s site triggers your URL to be pulled up OVER your competitor.

This is huge and only a tiny group of people have capitalized on this so far!

Want to know more?

I got Mike to come out of hiding and get on stage for the first time since 1999 for my upcoming Underground® 4 seminar next month. It’s already nearing a sell-out! If you want to attend – I strongly suggest registering immediately.

Stop being another ‘Me-Too’ competitor Online…

Nearly everyone I talk to wants to know the big “secret” to success online. They want the next Internet marketing tactic, strategy or quick fix. But that’s usually not the critical factor…

I’ve found tremendous success by putting a ‘spin’ on successful models. In fact, I find it better to work with 2 or 3 successful models and pull them together. If your product/service is simply a “me-too” there is no point in being in the marketplace. You have to bring some point of differentiation to the table. (And it definitely cannot be just price.)

When I created Instant Sales Letters in 2000 – there were all kinds of other sales letter templates books (real ones) out there and there were copywriting courses but there was nothing that really let you ‘cut and paste’ to create the letter easily. I’m a firm believer in giving people the “fish” anytime I can. What I mean is people would rather be handed the fish than taught how to fish. The closer you can get to the ‘magic pill’ the better your sales will be if the offer is believable.

Another example is my own Apprentice program (Yes, well before Trump!). There were a whole lot of mentor or protégé programs floating around but once again I decided if I was going to do something – I’d do it differently. I wanted to keep the numbers small and personal (instead of just making a mass telecoaching program like some other people who promise individual attention). I really wanted to have a big impact on the Apprentices I accepted and get people to take action or to new levels if they were already successful. (In fact, I won a $100 gentleman’s bet with Dan Kennedy because I got the majority of my group to make a profit.)

The big twist was I’d give Apprentices one of my ideas out of my idea journal, they’d be allowed to promote (if appropriate) to my list and my affiliate list. And we’d jointly share in the profits with them keeping 78% and me getting 12% of the gross sales. This program was so good it was overbooked almost right away.

And the final example from my own business is my “Underground Online Seminar”. Don’t you think there are more than enough Internet seminars going on all over the place? Some good. Some not so good. It’s real tough to create a stir in the Internet space unless you have something different. Which is exactly why I didn’t want to do another ‘same-ole’ Internet seminar.

My big hook (which was true) is I bring in “Underground” and unknown speakers who were really making it in the real world online. It wasn’t the same usual suspects you’d see at other events. I took it all the way with making the promotions ‘spy’ themed to stand out. Sure, some people emailed us and said it was silly. But a lot more people got into it because it was different. It really worked! The first three Underground Online Seminar was extremely successful and completely sold-out weeks before the event took place. (We’re coming up to another sell-out for #4 in case you have not booked your spot yet!)

So your job is to stand out and give people a reason (hopefully) a big one to buy from you. One logical way of doing this is something I taught my Apprentices. It’s to make a spreadsheet of what every competitor is offering and how they are positioned in the marketplace. Look for their offers, their headline, their pricing, their guarantee, their USP, etc and then decide where you can leverage a differentiation point.

This gives you a more precise way of looking for “gaps” in your competitors marketing. And the bigger the gap or the more you really show people how your offer is different than the better you’ll do.

It’s too easy to be another ‘me-too’. Why would a customer buy from you? Frankly, there aren’t too many niches where nobody is selling anything in there and you can be the only one. In most cases you’re going to find competitors (and that’s a good thing because it proves the marketplace spends money).

Here is a quick summary thoughts on how to be different and unique:

1. Be first in the marketplace. Easier said than done today but still very possible if you niche. Obviously you can’t be the first site to sell flowers online but if you are, you were the first to sell Hawaiian flowers exclusively. You can cut up the marketplace and become the first at something.

2. Take existing success models/products and combine together. This is one of my favorites because you’re profiting from multiple successful and proven sources.

3. Take an existing successful product/service and add a twist to it. My apprentice program is a good example of that.

4. Give it a new name. I’ve done this many times with products I’ve licensed that have seen better days.

5. Change the location. If you see a successful business model in one place it can typically be transferred to another location, format, etc. Good example of this is Steve Pankhurst who developed He saw a site in the US doing very well able to track down friends, etc. (probably and he couldn’t believe they hadn’t expanded it to the UK or beyond. Since it’s launch in 1999, Friends Reunited has become one of the most popular websites on the net, attracting over 10 million members.

And finally the big idea is not think every great idea or website has already been created or done. That’s the attitude of losers! Today, you’ve got even more opportunity because the Internet is an established commerce model and more and more people are getting comfortable making purchases online. It truly is the best time in the world to start or grow your online business!


Side note: I know lots of people were hoping for some updates from the Baja trip. I got a lot of stories and things to share…I just haven’t caught up yet so give me a few more days. You’ll hear about everything from Jesse James, the whales, Super Bowl party, me wrecking my baja racer and more! 😉