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Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two Unveiling…and meeting Richard Branson

Adventure / Ramblings

Just back from New York City for Virgin Galactic‘s unveiling of the Spaceship Two and their “Year of the Spaceship” party. What can I say? It was pretty cool. Starting at the Museum of Natural History when Branson and... Read More »

Create lifetime memories for those you love…

Freedom / Ramblings

My Father, Joe, has been threatening to take flying lessons for nearly 3 years now. He’s got a bit of an adventurous spirit that’s been squashed somewhat by my stepmother, Adela. She’ll say, “Joseph, don’t be stupid. Only Yanik... Read More »

How I profitably plan my year…

Financial Independence / Ramblings / Start-up

With the New Year – I wanted to show you the way I plan my year. This is some very candid insight into my process and it’s probably a little different than what you’ve seen before. This is a... Read More »