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Yanik – 5’ 8” Volleyball Pro?


This is definitely a little crazy! Yesterday I was IM’ing with my friend, AVP pro, Albert Hannemann, and he was telling me his doubles volleyball partner just bailed on him at the last minute for the final tournament of... Read More »

Why Hard Work Will Never Make You Rich!

Financial Independence / Freedom

I let my personal trainer, Jeff, borrow a copy of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. A few weeks later during our workout session he blurts out, “You know what — I’m carrying buckets!” “Huh?” I replied. Jeff... Read More »

Putting Your Internal “Radar” to Work for you…

Marketing-O-Rama / Philanthropy / Ramblings / Start-up

Have you ever noticed that if you’re in the market for a particular type of car or you’ve just bought one – you SEE them everywhere? An exception is a rare exotic – but I have been seeing more... Read More »

Top-Gun Entrepreneur Interviews…

Financial Independence / Marketing-O-Rama / Resources and Tools

Just a quick note to let you know of a some good stuff we just added to the blog for you. I’ve conducted numerous interviews with super successful entrepreneurs and I figured it’d be a great addition here. So... Read More »

Choosing the logo – Maverick Business Adventures


I really need your help picking my logo… My contest on Sitepoint is about to end and I wanted to pick the winner. Here are the 4 I like the most (I guess 3 since 1 is a variation... Read More »

How To Make a ‘Splash’ in a Super Competitive Market…

Marketing-O-Rama / Ramblings

In a previous post I talked about how to differentiate yourself and one of those ways was “To Be First in the Market” (or thought of as first). Here’s an interesting example from a SUPER competitive marketplace…Water! Bottled water... Read More »

Update #2 – Maverick Business Adventures

Marketing-O-Rama / Start-up

Here’s the next update for Maverick Business Adventures. My friend Jeff Walker called me and said I was crazy to release my mindmap into the wild I really appreciate the comments and feedback so far from readers on the... Read More »

“Maverick Business Adventures” – A startup Journal

Fun / Marketing-O-Rama / Start-up

Want to see a brand new start-up built from the ground up? Keep reading and I’ll be exposing it all… After posting and mentioning my idea for “Maverick Business Adventures” I got really excited by it again. I went... Read More »

How to (Sorta) Come Up with “Unique” Ideas To Make You Rich


Nearly everyone I talk to wants to know the big “secret” to success online. They want the next Internet marketing tactic, strategy or quick fix. But that’s usually not the critical factor… I’ve found tremendous success by putting a... Read More »

Creating ‘Lifestyle’ Businesses

Financial Independence / Freedom

Here’s something that has really intrigued me… I’ve named it a Lifestyle business because it takes into account your passion and lifestyle first and money second.   Everybody’s has heard the advice “Do what you love and the money... Read More »

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