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Hey I just found out we’re #10 on the Alexa ‘Movers and Shakers’ list for this blog. Thanks gang!

Movers and shakers

P.S. Tell Kern to post the damn pics!

Tell Kern to put up the pics!

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Day 4 Aspen to Denver (the Finish Line)

The final Elvis costume was on tap and that’s the “Hellvis” outfit. Red jumpsuit with red devil horns.

After coming back from the driver’s briefing I woke Kern up. Let’s just say after one look at Frank I knew I would definitely be driving that morning shift.

Now instead of a real simple highway drive – today’s route was one of the most scenic we’ve had. We left out of Aspen to climb to 12,000 feet to one of the mountain passes. We were instructed to wait 5 minutes at the top of the pass because there was a helicopter that was filming us.


We had the top down and at 12,000 feet and one filmsy “Hellvis” outfit it was damn cold! Brrrr…. Our little Lotus was perfect for taking the curvy mountain passes at speed. It was awesome! This time we finally ran with a pack the entire day. After coming down from 12,000 feet we stopped a little podunk town to get gas and regroup. Once again it so funny to see people’s expressions at all these super cars.

Once we hit a smallish highway some of the cars really took off. In fact, we found out later that about 5 people on the road had called some “aggressive driving hotline” and reported all of us. So the cops were actually hunting for us. Now some of the guys were completely nuts and need to have their heads examined. One guy I saw passed on a double yellow and on a blind curve! Stupid! I am proud to say Kern and I got ZERO tickets.

After lunch we left a little resort of Winter Park or Winter Sport and some guy in a white SUV was honking at us. I thought he just wanted to say ‘hi’ and we sped off after our pack. Finally 15-20 minutes later he caught up with at the entrance to once of the CO Nat’l parks. He said he was one of our customers and had been reading the blog and knew we were passing through his town. How cool is that? We actually got a quick video of him saying how he actually believes us that all of this is for real now. I appreciate that thought but not sure about the logic…

To me, seeing 2 guys in Elvis outfits in a bright green sportscar wouldn’t make me think they really were making money online – I’d probably just think they were nuts 😉

We all convened at an airport 15 miles outside Denver and I thought we were going to take a copter ride or something like that – but that didn’t happen. Instead they had a final police escort to take us into Denver. They actually shut down parts of the highway for us and then shut down one of the main streets in the heart of Denver for our arrival. It was awesome! I felt like we were part of some victory parade. There were checkered flags and girls handed us bottles of champagne once we got there. Of course, it wasn’t long before I took upon myself to shake up my bottle of Moet and spray it on people. That might have made some good video but Mr. Kern forgot to charge our camera/video recorder the previous night. So it actually died right at the start of the police escort.

That night we had a black tie awards ceremony and dinner. There were 3 awards – Best Car, Best Hand (poker hand) and Best Spirit. We won Best Spirit for our Elvis outfits. We got a huge (probably 15-20 lb) Pewter plate. Not sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s on my bar downstairs in my office. I stuck in my luggage to take home and I bet when it was Xrayed it came up pretty odd. I had a note in my luggage that my bag was opened by TSA. 😉

After the awards dinner, Kern and I left our tuxes on and headed for a private party they had for the Player’s Run participants at some local Denver club. It was pretty cool and a lot of fun.

I left on a 1pm flight the next day back home to the wife and kid. I needed 2 days of solid sleep to recover. But would I do it again? Hell yeah! Who knows maybe I can convince some of my other Internet buds to come along next year.

The finish line in Denver

Kern completely forgot to charge our camera/video recorder so our camera died right before the police escort for the Denver finish line. Someone posted this on YouTube. You can see a small glimpse of the neon green lotus.


Day 3: Salt Lake to Aspen

We had to be up at 7:30 am to leave Salt Lake and we woke up to a very rainy morning. Today was the Fat Elvis suit. These pictures are pretty classic once Kern posts them. This was the fat, bloated Elvis stage – our costume looked similar to yesterday’s white sparkly jumpsuit but there as a little extra bell portion. (Taking up even more space in our tiny lotus).

The local ABC camera guy was out and I he interviewed me. I don’t I had anything brilliant to say in the morning so I don’t know if they put me in. Kern went to go fill up our tank because we cruised in on fumes into Salt Lake. I kept waiting…waiting…waiting…

We were getting a police escort that morning and since we missed the first on day #1 – I was hoping we get into this one. No dice. Everybody pulled out and 2 minutes Kern appeared in our bright green Lotus. Oh well, at least we’re consistent. We missed a turn off for the highway so didn’t catch up for anyone for a bit.

Most of the morning drive we were alone until we found a small pack of Ferraris and Porsches to run with. By this time we were getting pretty familar with the Lotus and we pushed it to the max. The car topped out at 125 mph. Our check-point was a small airport in Colorado. Most of us went up in little single engine planes to explore the canyons and moutains around the area. Pretty darn cool and you’ll see it on video.

We got into Aspen around 6pm so we had enough time to change and hit the hot tub for some drinks. This was definitely a rolling party from town-to-town and anybody unlucky enough to be staying the Sky hotel in Aspen this night – my apologies. The regular guests were scared to go into the pool or hot tub and barely would sit in the pool deck area for fear of a flying beer or person landing on them. 😉

The town of Aspen is very cool. I would definitely like to go back there – maybe for a ski trip. About 10 of us ended up going to dinner in just robes and flip flops. We have these cool zebra, leopard and giraffee robes inside our hotel and we all decided to wear those out. After a couple bottles of champagne and bordeux we went back to the hotel to get ready for the party that night. I was not going to wear just a robe and I figured I’d shower and put on something decent. Nope. We had gone down to lobby area to hang out and gather everyone up. Well Kern decides we’re good to go as is so I didn’t have my ID or any money whatsoever. Just a room key. We decided to borrow a bellman’s cart and take one of the girls driving a Lotus down in the cart.

They were checking everybody’s ID# to get into the door and I was getting worried they wouldn’t let me in. When I got to the front – I just said I was with the Players Run and they let me right now. No ID. No nothing. Other guys took care of drinks all night and I finally called it quits at 4am. Kern stayed out in the pool area with some of the other guys who wouldn’t go to bed.

Day 2: Vegas to Salt Lake City

You guys already saw the video posted from Day 2. Here’s the quick recap.

This drive we were Vegas Elvis with a white sparkly jumpsuit. The iconic Elvis most people recognize. After waking up with a fuzzy head from all the hard math problems we did the night before – we grabbed our car out of the “THE hotel” garage and pulled up next to some of the other PlayersRun cars. Kern and I thought it might be fun to welcome a few people to Vegas. So we stood in the front of the lobby for 5 minutes and welcomed people coming in as official Vegas ambassadors. We wrote them out a velvet postcard from “The King” 😉

Today’s drive was the longest drive and we sure felt it in our little Lotus. The passenger seat in that car is really not meant for long drives at all.

The cops in UT were pretty tough. I know a bunch of guys got pulled over. The rumor was somebody called in a huge multi-car accident the opposite direction from where our route was headed. The cops obviously didn’t find that amusing and were laying out some heavy fines. One of the guys we met, Reeza, was running a black Rolls Royce Phantom. He got pulled over twice within 30 minutes – and both times doing 120mph. They took him down to jail and had to be bailed out by his buddy. The funny thing is he had no idea how fast he was going because he put stickers all over his speedometer.

Another guy, Tim, was telling us about getting pulled over by the cops in his Bentley. He had won pretty big in Vegas and had $25,000 in cash that he had just thrown into his glove box. Well, you can probably guess what happened. He got pulled over and when he reached into his glovebox to get his registration out came a huge stack of 100s. The cop said, “Ahhh…is that all cash?”

Tim: “Yep”

Cop: “Are those all 100s?”

Tim: “Yep”

The cop luckily believed that he won all that money in Vegas and it all okay except for his speeding ticket.

On the way to Salt Lake, our checkpoint was Kolub Canyon inside Zion National park. (That’s the red road you see in the video). This was absolutely amazing! We were starting to get a better feel for the Lotus and these curves were perfect for the car. Flip that guy into 2nd or 3rd gear and it really tears up those curves much better than even the Supercars in the pack. Plus add in the fact there was no cops on the road leading up to the look-out point and we’re golden!

We finally got into Salt Lake around 10pm (because of the time change) and were pooped. Some of the die-hards went out but Frank and I turned in early (1 am) for some rest.

It’s a coming…

Sorry gang for no recent updates. Kern and I have been very busy solving math problems and working on the end of the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. We got lots of stuff to update you on and more videos…promise.

We’re late for our black-tie so more stuff later.


Player’s Run Day 2

Yep. ‘Nuff said. Trained professionals …. Do not attempt this at home.


Vegas Baby!…Vegas….

Once again it only took 2 minutes for us to completely lose everybody we left the track with once they hit the highway. Our little lime-green Lotus just doesn’t run like that – and what’s more I don’t want a room mate named bubba sharing a cell with me. So driving up 15 North – we were passed by a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Lambo. We followed those guys off the exit for a quick In & Out Burger. A couple other guys were there already and it’s always fun to see the crowd forming around the cars.

We rolled into Vegas around 6:30 as scrawgly 1950’s Jailhouse Rock Elvi. A quick change into jeans and t-shirts and we went to Fryes to pick up an audio recorder – yes, that was instead of napping. Those are the kind of sacrifices we do for you so that we could record some candid audio while we’re driving around. (So far 2 hours and we’ll post it shortly.)

At 9:30 pm we headed up to dinner on the private patio at MiX on the 64th floor of “THE hotel”. Very cool! The view was amazing of the entire strip and we were treated to a wicked lightning storm. Kern and I decided to splurge on a 1990 Dom Brut Rose Magnum for our table. Damn tasty! After dinner we headed out to Tangerine at Treasure Island. We took a big limo out there but after waiting in line at the door we decided a dance club really wasn’t for us. Yes, Kern was a little upset when we went back to our hotel because he was hoping to break out his robot dance again.

Back at Mandalay (The Hotel is part of Mandalay) we ended playing some blackjack, craps and more blackjack. Not too pretty. I think I lost like 20 out of 22 hands. Then at 3 AM we moved into one of the private table areas because a couple of the guys were playing there. Finally a hot table! I sat down and always have my standard silly comments I make to dealers. Basically, the same stuff since I was 18 in Aruba. Missy groans as soon as she hears me starting on it. But to banter with the dealer I need their name. I’m not wearing my glasses so I can barely squint and read her tag which I think says “Irene”. So I start on it and we thank her for busting, etc. etc. Well, one of girls at the table starts calling her “Rene”. Hmm….shoot maybe I read her tag wrong. So I start calling her Rene for the next 10 minutes. Finally, somebody corrected me and said her name was Irene – but Irene never said anything. I guess she figured I’d tip her better that way 😉

At 4:30 AM against my protests we went up to our room to get our huge 5 hours of sleep for the next leg of our Vegas to Salt Lake City drive.

Day 1